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"Linh – a Vietnamese- Canadian creative producer who has lived in the city for over a decade – opted for Hidden Saigon as the name of her new venture. 

But it was not just the geographical location of the places she visits that swayed her on the branding.


Linh has enlisted a raft of makers, creatives, artisans, entrepreneurs, food vendors, and storytellers both young and old to play starring roles in the selection of tours she is promoting under the Hidden Saigon umbrella. 

And this varied cast of characters helps paint a picture of modern life in Ho Chi Minh City that is more nuanced and authentic than the one usually seen by visitors embarking on box-ticking tours that encompass familiar tropes such as colonial landmarks, tourist-centric markets, museums, temples, and cathedrals."


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tours the city


with HiddEn saigon

We are excited to be featured in not one but two articles in Cazenove+Loyd's online magazine Curious. Check out the snippet from the article and click to read more. 

"Culture, street food + markets

Saigon is a fast-changing city with plenty to offer. The best way to put it into perspective is to meet our friend on the ground, Linh, a Vietnamese-Canadian creative producer. Linh will accompany you on a journey full of storytelling and discovery – showcasing a different side of Vietnam, beyond the pho, bánh mì and conical hats. Rising early to beat the heat and traffic, head to a local street stall known for steaming bowls of bánh canh cua (a tapioca-based noodle dish with shrimp and crab), where Linh divulges her family history and the story of how they became Vietnamese boat refugees who fled at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975."


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Our Insider Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

Four of Our Favourite Culinary Experiences in Vietnam

HERITAGE ON A PLATE spends the morning with HIDDEN SAIGOn

Heritage on a Plate Tours in Penang explores the culture, the street food, and the vibrant stories intertwined into the rich fabric of George Town. 

In April 2019, founder Danny Mehes joined one of our Saigon Street Stories Tour. Read more about his experience here.

"So what’s the best way to get to know a city like this? For me, finding the right people who could introduce me to this place in a nuanced and honest way was very important. Luckily, I’d heard really great things about Hidden Saigon from guests who’d taken our food tour in Penang."


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"No Nón Lá, No Problem: A New Saigon Tour Takes the Road Less Traveled

It is no doubt that the everyday rhythm of Saigon and its people goes beyond tourist pamphlets and postcards. With her new project, Hidden Saigon, Linh Phan wants to shed light on the lives and practices of locals who are living and breathing the city's atmosphere, avoiding tourist cliches that often take the main stage in representing the city. 

Established in September this year, Hidden Saigon provides independently organized tours that explore the city beyond phở, bánh mì, and conical hats." 

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