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 Experience the Hidden Side of Modern Day Saigon


Hidden Saigon various experiences takes you down hidden alleyways where time seems to stand still and into the buildings so full of character you wish walls could actually talk. Delve deeper into the everyday life of the Saigonese people. Hear their personal stories surrounded by family heirlooms.


Queue with them for a morning snack of sticky chicken rice wrapped in banana leaf.  Watch them go about their day as you step behind the scenes to meet those living, working and creating in modern Saigon.


“This is a long overdue review. Quite simply, take any one of the bespoke tours available and you will be guaranteed authentic Vietnamese tastes, smells and experiences. I opted for a tailored tour which took me into the beating heart of the Saigon creative scene, from analog darkroom printing to artistic royalty and an insight into how a leading arts centre supports and puts on shows.

Linh is a natural born tour guide whose wealth of connections within the Saigon creative scene has allowed her to develop unrivalled relationships with creatives -- the content makers and the facilitators -- that shine through on the tour. You are welcomed into the homes of people creating very real cultural shifts and, for a brief moment, are part of that artistic endeavour.

Vietnam is a country of contradictions and confusion. It is difficult to gain any real perspective from the run-of-the-mil tourist-trap tours and to really glimpse the beating heart of this country you need access. And this is really what Hidden Saigon does. It provides unique access to the lives of creatives and offers an authentic look at modern-day Vietnam.

Overall, Hidden Saigon is an awesome experience and should be viewed as a learning investment into understanding a little more about what makes 21st Century Vietam tick”

Matt Irving

4 / 4

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