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We're excited to announce the inclusion of visual artist Le Phi Long to our Hidden Saigon Culture Maker and Saigon Street Stories tours.

Ho Chi Minh based visual artist Le Phi Long has made a highly-regarded reputation for himself as a site-specific-artist, creating installation pieces throughout Vietnam, from rural to urban spaces. From industrial complexes to natural environments. His practice also includes painting, photography and conceptual objects. He explores the historical and geographical study of human origins and the intervention in its cultural shift, examining the communities effect on a generation.

In 2012, he graduated from the Hue Fine Arts University with a degree in interior design. Upon graduation, he relocated to Hanoi and became a member and key organiser of the eName Art Center until it folded in 2013. Then opportunity arose when he was accepted into the prestigious San Art Laboratory Residency program in 2013. Then in 2015, he was offered another residency, this time at the Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taiwan. Phi Long participated in many other programs in Vietnam including the VCCA Vincom Center for Contemporary Art and Heritage Space as well as internationally including Korat, Thailand, and Asian Highway in Korea.

It is through these programs and the mentorship that saw Phi Long’s work elevate. His solo show, “The Prolonged Interventions” at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, explores the mass waste found in urban and rural spaces. The show introduced him further to the Vietnam Contemporary art world and established Phi Long as someone to look out for.

In 2017, he established MOIland in Da Lat, an arts organisation which served as an art space connecting and supporting the local artists in Da Lat, through exhibitions, seminars, lectures, artist talks.

In 2019, after being based and practicing in Da Lat for a number of years, Phi Long decided to return to Saigon to setup his studio to work on and focus on his other practices. He now splits his time between the two places.

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