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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Hanoian electronic musician Do Tung describes his sound as, "randomly mixed ambient soundscape generated in the moment. My main focus with this project is to improvise electronic ambient- Influenced music."

Photo by: Nam Quoc Tran (Notio)

On August 3rd, 2019, Saigon got to experience some of those sounds as he opened the Locally Trapped Wildlife, indie rock night, "The Last Tango" at Soma Art Lounge. Listen to his live set below and read further as Hidden Saigon gets a sneak peak into the mind of this talented musician.

Hidden Saigon (HS): How did you start making music?

Do Tung (DT): I studied classical music since 2010, and I think it was around 2015 when I started making my own original music as an getaway from all the classical elements that was around me. I felt more free making music I liked, more than people telling me what music is supposed to sound like.

HS: What are some of your influences?

DT: I listen to all kinds of music, but I think the main influences is from the ambient sounds of Ed O'Brien from Radiohead. And music from Brian Eno, Alt - J, IDIOTAPE, L'impatrice... to name a few.

HS: What’s the next phase for electronic music in Vietnam?

DT: Wow that's a tough question hahaha… I wouldn't say I'm a electronic music kind of guy so I really can't speak in depth of what's happening and what should happen in the near future. But in my opinion, electronic music always seems to be a 'no boundary' sort of genre to me. And I enjoy seeing acts that break that boundary, which I've seen in a lot of Vietnamese artists do recently. I always prefer their creativity over what people define their music to be.

HS: Your solo work is quite different than the music you play with the band Bluemato, do you prefer one over the other?

DT: Not at all, I enjoy both aspects of the 2 projects! Bluemato has their own vibes and sounds and this ambient solo project of mine is my own personal enjoyment.


HS: Why create your own music as well?

DT: I would say this project is my personal meditation program that I made for myself. Everything I do live I improvise on the spot. I just let myself go with the flow of things that is happening in the moment. I enjoy that journey more than the outcome of the performance. I rarely listen back to the recording, because then I would be fixated on stuff that could be better in the set. But that's not the point. If that's the point I'm better off playing in a band.

HS: If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

DT: Another hard question! It's not about who I wanted to collaborate with but if I'm capable of collaborating with them! I just don't think at the moment I'm qualified for any of that stuff now. hehe.

HS: What Vietnamese singers or bands are you currently listening to?

DT: 7Uppercuts been earworming me for 2 weeks now actually hahaha.

HS: What’s on your Spotify playlist right now?

DT: Bees by Caribou

Want to hear more check out Do Tung's tunes HERE

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