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At Hidden Saigon we feel that unique and innovative ways to connect the local communities to corporation and schools is a key factor in engaging your team and students.


We provide highly creative, immersive team building experiences that go beyond the typical to keep your team engaged, enhance on their existing skillsets, all the while having the time of their life. We work closely with you to create specialised programs to ensure your message and aims are met.


Learning through stories is one of the key directives of Hidden Saigon and through guest speakers, in-class programs, workshop, and fieldtrips are all ways in which we can bring the world of knowledge outside their windows to the students. We work closely with educators to ensure that the key points of study are met.



  • Team Building Activities and Events

  • Incentive Activities and Events

  • Tour Vouchers for Giveaways

  • Guest Speakers

  • In-Classroom Programs

  • Workshops

  • School Field Trips

  • Consultancy


For more information please contact us at

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